Zipper gets to grips with waste

The SensoGrip zipper.
The SensoGrip zipper.

FLEXIBLE re-sealable packaging company Flexico Group has introduced a new solution for multi-product storage to UK markets.
The firm says its SensoGrip zipper is designed to maximize usage and minimize waste and with your average British shopper throwing away almost 10% of food, according to research carried out by Sainsbury’s and government waste body WRAP, it could certainly serve its purpose.
The zipper, unlike other multi-hook, press to close products, is suitable for food products such as cheese, soups, baby food, pasta and cooking sauces that aren’t always consumed in one sitting and need to be refrigerated and used within the recommended time.
Paul Francis of Flexico UK said: “SensoGrip is such a good all-round solution because the unique zipper is extremely consumer friendly with grip strips above the central profile to help with the ease of opening and unlike traditional press to close zippers does not require precise alignment.”